Initially this project Started with Friday prayers at Vellore Community Centre in September 2010 with help of dedicated volunteers. This exercise give us a huge encouragement and then our board members form a non profit organization and started renting commercial unit outside Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre.


Now we moved to our new location in April 1st 2011 and as mentioned above its located outside Vaughan Mills Shopping Cente. At this moment, this Musallah is offering five times prayers along with two Friday (Jumma) Prayers. Soon we are planning to start Madressa (Quran Teaching) for Kids as well which would help to learn Quran from age of 3 to 12 years.

In Ramadan, we also offer Taraweeh prayers that ends with well arranged Khatam-e-Quran celebration.


We are now dedicating our efforts to get the permanent place for our Masjid. This is a big project that requires lots of help from community to come forward and help this Musallah to move forward.

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